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Essence Air Cushion Refill Pack

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Combined the brightening essence of saussurea involucrata flower and the foundation with pearl light. That makes the cushion offers you extremely moisture and perfect makeup all day long.

1 sold in every 8.64 seconds! New formula with 3 upgraded features; Strongest sunscreen of SPF50 + PA +++, whitening ingredients and double moisturizing!

Beyond B.B / C.C Cream. Its more than that!

Complete your makeup in just 30 seconds!

Exclusive EBS technology from South Korea, the first multi-effect spiral colored cushion foundation powder, combinding two distinct texture of a sponge and bringing oxygen to your face; a soufflé magical puff! 

Made of light pearl powder for extra brightening and 360 degree radiance,snow lotus and berries extract for extra moist and dewy skin.

"Secret 1": Made with high levels of essence and skin nourishing ingredients; 50% whitening moisturizing essence, creates a flawless and soufflé makeup. Doubling skin's radiance with light pearl powder and a rosy glow with berries extracts.

"Secret 2": Create radiant skin with just a gentle pat and glow like a super goddess with another. Then gently dap onto the pink spiral area, to highlight your T-zones and covers dark eye circles.

Waterproof, Oil Proof with Perfect Coverage of your imperfections; Hide all imperfections, redness, open pores and wrinkles!

Made in Korea

Main Ingredients: Camellias, mesembryanthemum crystallinum, vitamin C sodium salt, hyaluronic acid, supermicro guide hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, squalene, hydrolyzed collagen, aloe vera, gland, strawberry, raspberry, black currant, brazil berry, blueberry, bilberry fruit, cranberry, shea butter.

Size: 15ml

Expiry Date: 3 years from manufacture


Awarded Best Foundation in Year 2015 in 女人我最大!

Introduced by 女人我最大KELVIN老师

2015-07-06 冤枉啊! 我真的比看起來更清晰可愛

Start from - 52:57


Dab the cushion sponge with an intelligent puff, then gently pat the puff onto your face for brilliant and perfect makeup.

Before Use: Skin has many imperfections and skin is dry and dull.

Step 1: Apply sunblock before use. Use sponge puff and gently press on the product to pick up both layers evenly.

Step 2: Gently dab your entire face evenly from inside out.

Step 3: You may pick up only the pink layer for highlighting and brightening effect. Pat gently onto your T-zone area, under eyes, cheek areas. 

TIPS: You may also use it at the darker areas around mouth and on your wrinkles.                                   

After Use: Imperfections on skin disappears, creating a brighter, perfect radiance skin!


30 Seconds Make Up Tip


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