Air Cushion Puff - 2 Pcs

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Every 1 degree raise in temperature will result in 10% increase of skin oil secretion.

This powder puff is designed with unique foaming technology, bubbles inside form will release air to face with every gently pat, so skin temperature will be lower to prevent oil secretion.

Made in Korea

Size: 2 pcs / pack

Expiry Date: 3 years from manufacture


Awarded Best Foundation in Year 2015 in 女人我最大!

Introduced by 女人我最大KELVIN老师

2015-07-06 冤枉啊! 我真的比看起來更清晰可愛

Start from - 52:57


Dab the cushion sponge with an intelligent puff, then gently pat the puff onto your face for brilliant and perfect makeup.

Before Use: Skin has many imperfections and skin is dry and dull.

Step 1: Apply sunblock before use. Use sponge puff and gently press on the product to pick up both layers evenly.

Step 2: Gently dab your entire face evenly from inside out.

Step 3: You may pick up only the pink layer for highlighting and brightening effect. Pat gently onto your T-zone area, under eyes, cheek areas. 

TIPS: You may also use it at the darker areas around mouth and on your wrinkles.                                   

After Use: Imperfections on skin disappears, creating a brighter, perfect radiance skin!


30 Seconds Make Up Tip


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